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Interview Questions for Designer - Capsule Clothing

Interview Questions for Designer


TellRaw Indigo (Brand: ETO Jeans)




Interview Questions:



  1.  me about yourself, say your journey as a fashion designer, your education, your previous work experiences etc.


  1. According to you, what qualities are needed to become a successful fashion designer.


  1. What are your inspirations to create a design. Do you keep your customers in mind, do you have a defined customer profile.


  1. What season are you working on now. Usual timescales you follow from idea to finished product.


  1. How you work with buyers, merchandisers and fabric technologists. How are fit sessions like with the buyer. Say something about spec sheets.


  1. How do you research new trends and product ideas for new season. Do you go on shopping trips with buyers or say draw inspiration from previous sales etc.


  1. Feedback from suppliers over technical issues like trimming or new button style or if you make any more changes mid-way etc.


  1. How do you plan your diary


  1. How do you keep track of innovations in fibres and fabrics


  1. What trend forecasting agencies you use.

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